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MU Online School Social Work Licensure Pathway

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Prepare for North Carolina School Social Work Licensure

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Earn Your School Social Work License

The work done by school social workers not only positively impacts the lives of students, but also improves our schools and communities. That’s why Methodist University is proud to offer licensure preparation. Through our online BSW with School Social Work License, you will take nine additional credit hours to prepare for licensure in North Carolina.

This pathway allows you to learn more about the school system with direct observation in a public school setting and covers topics such as legal literacy, philosophical issues in education, interventions, and more. Upon completion of the program, you will be ready to apply for school social work licensure through the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NC DPI). You can find more information about this process on the NC DPI website.

Gain Valuable Hands-On Experience to Prepare for School Social Work Licensure


4-5 Years

133 Total Credits

The curriculum in Methodist University’s online BSW degree in School Social Work License pathway will prepare you for North Carolina school social work licensure through a combination of specialized courses and field experience. MU’s online courses are taught by experienced faculty, and our fieldwork opportunities take place under the guidance of school professionals. During your course of study, you will develop important leadership and communication skills that will help you strengthen communities and make a meaningful difference in the lives of students who need guidance.

Discover information about the school system through 10 hours in an accredited public school with an emphasis on directed observation. In this course, you will be supervised by a clinical educator as well as a faculty member from the MU Education Department.

This course offers the Teacher Candidate an opportunity to discover information about the organization, governance and importance of the public education systems in America. The course will explore teaching as a profession in the 21st Century; professional ethics and goal setting; and the roles of the classroom teacher in the school and community. Ten hours in an accredited public school with emphasis on directed observation is required. Formal application for Field Experience Placement is required at the time of pre-registration.

Professional Orientation addresses critical legislation and case law relating to education in North Carolina and the United States. This course is designed to provide preservice teachers with basic legal literacy, legal history, and legal research skills.

This course focuses on major issues in education and historical, philosophical and political influences of school social work practice. A variety of social work skills, interventions, and theories applicable to the delivery of school social work services are discussed. Students will learn about working with students with challenges such as autism, Asperger’s syndrome, and ADHD, as well as the needs of the gifted and exceptional students.

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Career Outlook

MU’s Licensure in School Social Work pathway will take your online Bachelor of Social Work to the next level by preparing you for North Carolina licensure. Courses in this pathway focus on developing skills for school settings including the understanding of important legal and ethical issues in the field. Upon completion, you will be prepared for a variety of rewarding careers.

Social Worker $54,034 per year1

School Social Worker $52,836 per year2

Child Social Worker $47,714 per year3

Career Outlook

Frequently Asked Questions

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The first step is to fill out your application.

The Bachelor of Social Work program consists of 124 credit hours, and the School Social Work Licensure pathway adds nine, bringing the total to 133 credit hours.

This pathway will prepare you for licensure in North Carolina through the NC DPI.

This optional pathway focuses on social work in a school setting and prepares you for North Carolina licensure. Upon graduation, you will be well-equipped to work as a school social worker or in a related field.

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