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How to Write an MHA Personal Statement

If you're applying to a Master's in Health Administration program, you must be passionate about helping medical facilities run smoothly and supporting life-saving care. You've also done a lot to prepare for this point in your career, having earned an undergraduate degree and likely held at least one position in this rapidly growing field. Now, you're ready to advance your career with the right master's degree. One thing stands in your way: crafting the perfect personal statement to include with your application.

Criminal Justice / article

Criminal Justice Fields: What Can I Do With a Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice?

When you choose to major in criminal justice, you could envision a future career in any number of environments. Perhaps you want to keep your community safe as a police officer, but you could just as easily picture a future in a law office, courtroom, or any number of related fields. As an industry, criminal justice has a broad reach and includes a variety of career opportunities.

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What Is Health Care Accounting? How to Build a Career in Accounting for Health Care Services and Organizations

Two experts discuss the growing importance of accounting for health care services and organizations. They explore what health care accounting is, where graduates work, and the future of the field.

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Night Shift Nurse Essentials

Preparing for the night shift? Our essential tips for thriving as a nurse will ensure you gain personal and professional success.

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Is a Geriatric Nursing Career Right for You?

As the population ages, the need for experienced geriatric nurses has never been greater. For aspiring nurses with the right mindset and skill set, working with elderly patients is an opportunity to grow as a nurse and make a meaningful difference for patients.