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Master's in Educational Leadership Careers

Become a Leader in Education

100% Online Coursework

Aligned to ISTE Standards

  • 100% online coursework taught by expert educators
  • No GRE/GMAT or application fee required for admission
  • No GPA requirement for admission
  • Complete two capstone courses to earn your degree

Make a more meaningful impact with a 100% online MEd in Educational Leadership with an Instructional Technology Specialization from Methodist University. In this program led by experts in education, you’ll develop a strong pedagogy for the intentional use of educational technology and build the skills to lead school improvements.

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High-Salary Careers in Instructional Technology

Technology Director1 $107,755 per year

Instructional Design Manager2 $82,909 per year

Multimedia Instructional Designer3 $72,054 per year

Instructional Designer4 $66,524 per year

From Master’s Degree to Meaningful Impact

In recent years, the education field has experienced increased demand for teacher leaders who are able to leverage technology in the classroom. By completing your 100% online MEd in Educational Leadership with an Instructional Technology Specialization from Methodist University, you’ll gain the relevant knowledge and skills necessary to fill this need and make a more meaningful impact in the field of education.

Supported by expert educators, you’ll study on your schedule through coursework that’s aligned to ISTE Standards for Educators and connect with your peers in our online learning environment. Graduate proficient in high-demand skills such as assessment, research, school improvement, leadership, online and blended learning, personalized learning, and more.

Program Outcomes and Skills Acquired

What You’ll Learn

As a result of the Master of Education in Educational Leadership with an Instructional Technology Specialization program, you will:

Skills You’ll Gain

  • Differentiated Learning
  • Digital Engagement Strategies
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Online and Blended Learning
  • Personalized Learning
  • Research
  • School Evaluation
  • School Improvement
  • Using Technology for Assessment
  • 21st Century Leadership

Instructional Technology Specialization

MU’s 100% online MEd in Educational Leadership features an Instructional Technology Specialization, which prepares students to intentionally integrate technology in education with techniques for assessment, engagement, differentiation, and more. This specialization is included in the 36 hours required to earn your master’s degree, so you’ll graduate prepared to pursue roles in both educational leadership and educational technology.

Ensuring Your Success Beyond Graduation

From the moment you become a student at Methodist University, you’ll have access to the support needed to obtain career readiness skills, internships, employment, and other career opportunities. And you can tap into a wide variety of career services long after you’ve graduated.

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect for career support as a student or alumnus. You can benefit from all of them remotely.

Individual and Group Workshops

Whether you need help with assessing your skills and defining your career goals or want a crash course in job searching, our staff can help.

Career Readiness

MU Career Services is committed to empowering students with career readiness tools. Contact us for details about our signature programs, the MU Career Challenge, and the Senior Seminar Series.

Mock Interviews

Learn how to respond confidently to general and behavioral interview questions while articulating your strengths with mock interviews.


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