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Online Bachelor of Science in Psychology: Career Outlook

Choose from dozens of opportunities.

Several entry-level opportunities in the field await you with a bachelor’s degree, and when you’re ready to advance to a career as a counselor or in another field of psychology, you can continue your education. But there are plenty of other possibilities. From substance abuse and autism to business areas like human resources and management, the skills you gain can contribute to a wide variety of possibilities.

The program exposes you to multiple psychological disciplines as well as core skills — critical thinking, data analysis, and communication — that you can apply to different careers. Enhance your career opportunities with one of the most versatile degrees available.

Substance Abuse, Behavioral Disorder, and Mental Health* Counselors


Help people who are dealing with some type of mental or behavioral problem. *Note that mental health counselors typically need at least a master’s degree.3

Social and Community Service Managers


Oversee social service program and a community organization. In this role, you’ll plan outreach activities, write proposals for funding, and more to enhance the organization’s impact in the community.4

Other positions you could qualify for with your psychology degree:

  • Assistant behavior analyst
  • Business administrator
  • Case manager
  • Human resources manager
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Rehabilitation specialist
  • School counselor
  • Top- or mid-level manager

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Program Outcomes: Gain Foundational Knowledge and Skills

In the online Bachelor of Science in Psychology, you’ll:

Ensuring Your Success Beyond Graduation

From the moment you become a student at Methodist University, you’ll have access to the support needed to obtain career readiness skills, internships, employment, and other career opportunities. And you can tap into a wide variety of career services long after you’ve graduated.

Here are just a few examples of what you can expect for career support as a student or alumnus. You can benefit from all of them remotely.

Individual and Group Workshops

Whether you need help with assessing your skills and defining your career goals or want a crash course in job searching, our staff can help.

Career Readiness

MU Career Services is committed to empowering students with career readiness tools. Contact us for details about our signature programs, the MU Career Challenge and the Senior Seminar Series.

Mock Interviews

Learn how to respond confidently to general and behavioral interview questions while articulating your strengths with mock interviews.

Resume and Cover Letter Assistance

Get feedback on how your resume and cover letters can stand out from the competition and showcase what you offer to organizations.

MU Career Hub

The MU Career Hub is your resource for job announcements, event registrations, and other Career Services information from the Office of Student Affairs. Join us each spring for the career fair. Stay up to date by creating a Purple Briefcase account today. You should also follow us on social media (Instagram and Facebook) for the latest job postings and event announcements.